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Best Winter Vacation Destinations in Iran for Sunny Holidays

Hormuz Island

Discover different destinations in Iran to enjoy pleasant sunny holidays or snowy resorts for winter vacation!

Traveling in winter can be both fun and tough; it all depends on your taste and destination choice to match. Some might prefer freezing snowy winter destinations to enjoy skiing, ice skating, sledding or snowboarding, however there are people who love spending their winter vacation in a warm sunny destination. Whether you are into enjoying sunny holidays, deserts and palm trees, evergreen plains or on the other side to enjoy snow and mountains, keep reading to know more about various winter vacation destinations in Iran. The good point is traveling to Iran can be luxurious in quality yet with affordable costs. Here we go our top winter vacation destinations in Iran. Click on the photos for original size.


Qeshm Island, perfect winter vacation destination for nature enthusiasts

Let’s start from the most southern point in Iran, Qeshm Island. Located in Persian Gulf, bigger than Singapore and Bahrain, covers 1,491 square kilometers with around 60 towns and villages and a population of 150,000 inhabitants. The island is super-hot in summer but enjoys a very pleasant weather from November to May. Qeshm Island is one of the most popular winter vacation destinations in Iran with various attractions and activities to present to travelers.

You can visit the port city of Bandar Laft with its authentic architecture and wind-catchers (ventilation system), traditional Lenj ship-building yard (a UNESCO intangible world heritage) and floating Hara Forest all in one go. Namakdan Salt Cave along with Khorbas Cave can also be interesting for cave enthusiasts in their sunny holidays, but Qeshm Island just keeps you amazed as you move in the island.

Chahkooh Pass (Mountain of wells) and Valley of the stars are among these breath-taking places to visit. Apart from swimming, sunbathing and water sports available in Qeshm Island, you can also visit Naz Island and Hengam Island around the main island and to see the dolphins in the sea (in the morning). Qeshm old bazaar and some more natural attractions are the other points of interest. Hormuz Island is a must-see when you are in Qeshm with amazing and memorable landscapes and super hospitable local people. The entire island and its beauties await you for a perfect winter vacation.



Khuzestan, the cradle of civilization

One of the best destinations in Iran for vacation in winter is certainly Khuzestan province. Historical cities of Susa (Shush), Dezful, Shushtar are enough to attract any history enthusiast to this evergreen destination. Having big rivers passing through the delta has made Khuzestan an ideal agricultural location through millenniums and great for sunny holidays enthusiasts willing to escape the cold weather and to enjoy the mild spring like climate from October to late May.

Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat, Shushtar historical hydraulic system, Susa ancient archeological site, Haft Tepe, old bridge of Dezful, Shadorvan dam-bridge, Karkheh and Karun rivers are among the attractions of Khuzestan you can visit during your winter vacation in Iran. You can also check Persia Essentials Tour including highlights of Khuzestan in winter.



Kerman, the necklace of the desert

Kerman is the gate to the south-east of Iran, just on the edge of the grand Lut desert. The unforgettable sceneries of Shahdad Kalouts can be a dream for many people where you can see the once seabed and now a great desert reaching 70 degrees of Celsius in summer. Although Kerman province goes through winter and has 4 seasons, but it enjoys a mild warm climate with clear blue sky in most days turning it into a winter vacation destination.

Bam and Rayen citadels are the biggest adobe structures in the world. Just imagine how it would be like to walk in these historical cities and citadels. The city of Kerman is a charming travel destination by itself with Ganjali Khan Complex (Bazaar, hammam, caravanserai, school, etc.), Jameh Mosque, religious shrines and ritual monuments. People of Kerman are also very warm and friendly to turn your winter vacation into an unforgettable memory.

Rocky village of Meymand along with Sah Nematollah Vali Shrine and Shazdeh Garden are other must-see attractions of this amazing winter destination in Iran for memorable sunny holidays, although there are a few snowy days as well! You can Check Discovering Persia Tour for these beautiful highlights of Kerman.



Yazd, a living adobe city in desert

One of the few cities in the world with a big area inscribed as world heritage inside it. Although in the middle of desert, the city is high enough (1200 meters from sea level) to have a pleasant weather all year round and to be a great option for winter vacation with countless sunny days. The authentic architectural style of the houses with ventilation wind-catchers has made Yazd one of the most popular travel destinations in Iran for both Iranian and foreign travelers. The city is also famous for the numerous mosques and religious monuments as well as for residing the biggest Zoroastrian population of the country with the most important fire temple, pilgrimage site (Chak Chak) and historical burial site of Towers of Silence.

Jameh Mosque is another must-see with iconic tall minarets inside the old historic town. Fahadan quarter is one of the most popular neighborhoods for walking inside the old town to watch many historical buildings. Amir Chakhmaq complex, water museum, Markar square, and Dowlat Abad garden (with the highest historical wind-catcher in the world) are among other attractions of the city. There are some other cities near Yazd, with beautiful monuments to visit, such as Narin Castle, Abbasi caravanserai and ice-house in Meybod, as well as Kharanagh and Saryazd citadels. If you are traveling in Iran for winter vacation, Yazd can be a great destination to visit. You can check Iran Classic Tour covering winter destinations.



Shiraz, the city of gardens

Most of the people who travel to Iran are eager to visit Shiraz and the dream ancient Persepolis. Although the best time to visit Shiraz is in May and October, you will also face many other domestic and international tourists. So why not having the opportunity to enjoy the beauties of the city more comfortably and calmly by visiting Shiraz as a winter vacation destination. This way you still have the warm sunny holidays and the blue sky with the chance to take better photos of your favorite attractions such as Nasir-ol Molk (Pink) mosque, Vakil Complex (Bazaar, mosque, and hammam), mausoleum of grand poets, Hafez and Saadi.

Eram Garden is just as beautiful in winter as it is in spring due to the evergreen trees and seasonal flowers and Shah Cheragh Shrine is as dazzling and magnificent as ever. You can visit historical houses of Qavam and Zinat-ol Molk more easily and still find orange and sour orange trees as green as ever. Most importantly as it is mostly sunny (with a few rainy days of course) in Shiraz during winter, it is excellent to visit Persepolis, Naqsh-e Rostam, Pasargadae or Sassanid historical cities of Darabgerd, Sarvestan, and Bishapur. All in all, you will not regret visiting Shiraz as a winter vacation destination in Iran at all! Take a look at Daily Tours for excursions near the city or our Shiraz 2-Day City Tour for affordable fully guided tours to this beautiful city.



Isfahan, Half of the World

Being the capital of Iran and Persian Safavid Empire for centuries have left Isfahan many eye-catching monuments to visit and enjoy. The city was once (and still is) so beautiful that visiting it was like seeing half of the world, back in the day. Even so beautiful as a winter vacation destination, surrounded by arid regions, Isfahan is green as emerald with numerous gardens, a living river (Zayandeh Rud now dry for a few years) and beautiful historical bridges, such as Si-o-se Pol (33-arch bridge), Khajou, Marnan and Shahrestan.

The most iconic landmark of the city is the grand square called Naqsh-e Jahan (Image of the world) hosting Ali Qapu palace, Abbasi Jameh mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah mosque and the entrance of the grand Bazaar each of which known as Isfahan’s symbol. Chehel Sotun and Hasht Behesht (8 paradises) garden-palaces are other famous attractions along with old Jameh mosque known as a museum of mosque art decoration’s evolution in Iran.

There is also an Armenian quarter in Isfahan with many churches and synagogues called Jolfa; the 17th century Vank Cathedral is the most important one and portrays an Iranian Christian architectural style. Isfahan has a dry climate making it a great winter vacation destination, especially for those willing to visit historical places more peacefully and less crowded. The best point is that you can add desert tours to your sunny holidays in Matin Abad desert Camp near Kashan and enjoy desert experiences too. While in Isfahan province you can also visit Kashan with its beautiful attractions such as Royal Fin garden, historical houses and nearby historical villages like Abyaneh (mountainous and cold in winter) or Nushabad (underground shelter). You can check our short vacation offer for Isfahan and Shiraz, Iran at a Glance  and our daily tours if you are interested in visiting this world renowned destination.



Tehran, let’s have some winter sports

Tehran is a huge metropolis with more than 15 million inhabitants residing in the southern foot of Alborz mountain range. The city can be very interesting for foreign travelers not only for the historical monuments or city landscapes, but also as a live view of the everyday lifestyle of modern Iranian people. As a winter vacation destination in Iran, Tehran offers great winter sports opportunities with 3 main ski Resorts; Tochal Ski Club accessible by cable car with the possibility to stay in one of the highest elevation hotels, Shemshak and Dizin Ski resorts, popular among amateur and professional skiers.

So if you enjoy skiing and you want to combine it with a little bit of discovery of Iran, Tehran can be a great affordable winter vacation destination. And even better if it’s not cloudy in the mountains to be both snowy and sunny holidays. You can add a half or full day tour of the city to visit world heritage Golestan Palace, National museum, Grand Bazaar of Tehran, and more modern symbols like Milad Tower, Azadi Tower and Tabiat (Nature) bridge for a more complete travel experience.

Tehran is a destination for all year round and you can visit it whenever you want, mixed with other destinations. Check out this Tehran 2-Day City Tour if you are willing to have a good sense of the Iranian capital. You find a list of all pre-planed  tours and if you are looking for more freedom, you can visit our Tailor-Made Tours to plan your journey completely based on your taste. So, if you are not yet decided for a memorable winter vacation or you are looking forward to some sunny holidays, Iran is among best possible options.


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