A non-exhaustive list of Iran Mountaineering Tours, Iran Desert and Adventure Tours, Iran Bird-watching Tours, and more Eco tours, designed and executed by Epic Persia Travel.

These tours are available in certain periods of the year and can be partially modified as per your request. Feel free to contact us for more tailor-made tours.

Summiting Mount Sabalan with Shabil Hot Spring

This mountain climbing tour also includes spa and visiting some attractions in Tehran or Ardabil. You will see inactive volcano and beautiful lake on the peak […]

Tehran Short Mount Tochal Tour

A very short mountaineering tour ideal for short vacations and breaks, including Mountain climbing, & visiting some attractions in Tehran. Enquire & Book Tour Highlights Tour […]

Damavand Mountaineering 5-Day Tour

Summiting Mount Damavand, the highest in Iran (5610 m) and also the highest volcanic mountain in Middle East and Asia. It also includes spa leisure and […]

Conquering Two Summits; Mount Tochal & Mount Damavand

Recommended to very professional mountaineers to summit two Mountains in one week. Mountaineering Tour includes Mount Tochal with a height of 3962 meters and Mount Damavand […]

Adventuring In Desert

A mixed desert tour, including observing stars’ by telescope or naked-eye, panorama desert, medical warm springs, cane brake and adventure tour activities such as safari, cycling, […]

Desert Through Silk Road

For those interested in desert tour & cultural tours. You will enjoy desert through Silk Road And observing Milky Way Galaxy and the stars both by […]

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